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I teach innovative tools that help young people navigate their

lives with clarity & confidence by building the foundation of an extraordinary life without stress & anxiety.

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The stressors embedded in our lives become an assumption, a condition we expect to carry with us. We become conditioned to survive without an expectation to thrive and create an extraordinary day-to-day experience of LIVING.

Laura’s talks lay the foundation for an entirely different education and early professional experience by using simple tools, wisdom and fundamental truths to forego the further accumulation of stress. With the tools to clear past stress and condition our own experience to no longer attract more stress young professionals can engage with their lives fully - with clarity about the choices in front of them and confidence to embark on the correct path for their own lives.

" Laura taught me I get to have a say in my life. I get to choose: how I spend my time, how happy I am, how successful I am. And she taught me the tools to get ahold of my ADHD and my anxiety. I’m now able to focus for long periods of time, and don’t make so many mistakes from thinking too quickly. "

Emma Carney

Age 22. Student

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About Laura

For over 10 years, Laura has been teaching a variety of fitness and educational wellness programs in Boulder, Colorado where she also is a Geotran® practitioner and GEMS of Excellence Course Instructor. Her classes and programs are packed full of valuable information that is inspiring, motivational and uplifting. Laura combines her loves of movement, music, science and humor into her engagements.

With a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health/ Health Physics, which includes a strong foundation in the biological sciences, biochemistry, physics, nuclear physics and anatomy/physiology, Laura brings both scientific and practical understanding to research that applies to health and wellbeing. New advances in Neuroscience, and Geotran® intersect for a rich opportunity to support vitality and longevity.

Laura has thousands of hours experience on stage and Zoom as a GEMS of Excellence Certified Instructor, Ageless Grace® Trainer, Aqua Fitness Professional (AEA), and Nia Black Belt Instructor; she draws on all of these modalities to present relevant, valuable and life-changing information in a participative and entertaining format.

She is available for in-person/on-site events and on Zoom for Keynote, workshop, and break-out sessions.

In addition to her regular schedule of classes through Vintage Moves, LLC, Laura enjoys spending time with her adult daughters, adventures with her husband, and the comfort of home with dogs, and great coffee.


Laura's Talks


This is a fun, participative talk that gives a brief look at several simple and relatively unknown tools that de-stress past experiences and improve performance. Being in stress and worry are taxing on the brain and make learning difficult, yet stress and anxiety are rampant on college campuses and young professionals. Many are experiencing stress in the classroom, the work setting, studying, test-taking, writing papers, and in their living situations.


This talk connects the science of neuroplasticity to digital, numeric corrections that change the energy of stress and clarify thought processes that lead to ease. Demonstrations, practical examples and stories make this a fun valuable experience for participants.

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Removing the Stressors that Undermine Choice

Choice is one of the most misunderstood words! And, one of the most important experiences of our human existence. Most make decisions from the stressors that come with the options which equates to stress avoidance or minimizing the options available. What if we could de-stress the process of decision-making AND de-stress the options and their outcomes, leaving us with the clarity and opportunity to authentically choose?


Laura deciphers authentic choice, getting rid of the typical stress patterns that accompany important decisions, leaving participants with the freedom to take correct action from their own choice, instead of what is left over.

You can do Hard Things!

A motivational keynote based on Laura's trek of 60 miles through Patagonia on record-breaking windy days, steep climbs, and unexpected mileage. 

Laura shares how an unlikely inspiration generated an extraordinary experience for a non-hiker by expanding what is possible when allowing inspiration to take the lead, creating teamwork where it hasn't previously existed, and doing hard things on the winding road to success. 



EmmaCarney testimonial pic.jpeg

Laura taught me I get to have a say in my life. I get to choose. Choose how I spend my time,  how happy I am, choose how successful I am.
And she taught me the tools to get ahold of my ADHD and my anxiety. I’m now able to focus for long periods of time, and don’t make so many mistakes from thinking to quickly.

Emma Carney, Age 22. Student


Laura has presented several times at the Ageless Grace Brain Health annual summit and retreat on various topics to do with aging with vitality. Her programs are full of useful information and engaging. It was a joy to have her as a speaker! She also was one of a select group who served as Ageless Grace Trainers for our cognitive program that is now in 50 States and 32 countries. 

Denise Medved, Creator and Founder of Ageless Grace

Laura's presentation was one of the most engaging we've had at a GPhi chapter. Not only was the chapter entertaining due to Laura's fantastic personality and presenting skills but the tips and tricks taught were extremely helpful to many girls in the organization. I personally found myself utilizing these skills in a recent midterm and found myself to be more composed and scored better than I had on previous exams in the course.

Ashley Warren. PACE Chairwoman
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority University of Colorado, Boulder

Ashley Warren testimonial pic.jpeg

I have had the good fortune to experience Laura Olinger on multiple occasions, both as a speaker and as a leader of the Gems of Excellence program.
Laura is very knowledgeable about a host of subjects, which include body movement, graceful aging, brain health, and de-stressing. Laura is a dynamic, passionate speaker who can communicate complex ideas in a fun and easily understandable way.
I would highly recommend her for any group or organization that wants to understand how to live a more balanced, productive, healthy, life.

Dr. Kam Kettering Executive Director of Geotran(r) International

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Connect with Laura


Phone: 303.817.8210

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